If you just want a simple gate solution in order to control the passage of one person at a time, our tripod turnstile is an excellent choice for you.

We recommend tripod turnstiles for indoor and outdoor low-frequency purposes. That includes gyms, colleges, parks, and libraries. Additionally, they are quite easy to set up. We ship them pre-assembled; the only thing you need to do is fix them to the ground and plug them in.

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Superstylish Tripod Turnstile for Gym: Model DS1000

  • Model DS1000 is a super- elegant and European stylish tripod type solution to control access and time attendance.
  • The model...

Durable and Fast Tripod Turnstile Gate: Model DS101

  • Tripod turnstile DS101 system is a security solution to provide effective access control at the throughput rate of 35-40 persons per mi...

Biometric Turnstile: Model DS103

  • Daosafe tripod turnstile DS103 is compact and cost-effective entrance/exit security solutions with throughout rate of 35-40 persons/min...

Sleek Half Height Turnstile: Model DS104

  • Tripod turnstile DS104 system is a contactless turnkey solution to provide effective and secure access control.
  • Humanized d...

Compact and Stylish Tourniquet Tripod: Model DS111

  • Tripod turnstile DS111 is compact and elegant access control solutions with throughout rate of 35-40 persons/min.
  • The model...

Highly Responsive 3-Arm Turnstile/Tripod Gate: Model DS110

  • DS110 is a simple, small and economic tripod turnstile solution to provide effective access control.
  • It supports both singl...

Waist High Turnstile: Model DS120

  • DS120 tripod turnstile is a reliable and compact turnkey solution to control pedestrian flows.
  • The working way is single or...

What Is a Tripod Turnstile?

A tripod turnstile gate is the most popular kind of pedestrian barrier. Because of its versatility, it has a wide range of practical uses. Limiting entry to only one person at a time is its main feature. It can also count the number of people that pass through it. So, tripod turnstiles are common on sites that have high pedestrian traffic.

Also known as waist-high turnstiles, they are easy to install and maintain. You can place them at any entry point that has a power supply nearby.

A tripod turnstile gate has three rotating metal arms that prevent multiple entries. It comes with an electric motor that turns the metal arms at a desirable speed. When a person passes through the gate, the rotating arms will lock automatically.

Also, the manufacturer can fit them with different devices for access control. Card readers, barcode scanners, and coin slots are common add-on features. So, automation eliminates the need for a guard.

If needed, tripod turnstiles can function as standalone gates or as part of an integrated security system. They provide medium to high levels of security.

This type of turnstile is durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. So, you can use them in indoor and outdoor settings. Also, some tripod turnstiles are bi-directional — they can allow both one-way and two-way traffic.

Types of Tripod Turnstiles

There are many types of tripod turnstiles on the market, and they all work in the same way. Depending on the size of the entrance, tripod turnstiles can be large or compact.

Some models allow entry only after a person makes a payment. So, tripod turnstiles often come with coin slots or ticket scanners. Biometric devices or key pass scanners are also common. Still, all tripod turnstiles have features that prevent tailgating. To ensure only one person passes at a time, locking mechanisms activate after entry.

Tripod turnstiles are economical since they consume little electricity. They are quiet, work smoothly in any environment, and are commonly made of stainless steel because it doesn’t corrode in harsh weather conditions. However, the material will depend on the manufacturer.

Tripod turnstiles can work both outside and inside. Low maintenance costs also make them an affordable investment in the long run. Nevertheless, the price can vary based on the size of the tripod turnstile or added payment features.

As an extra safety feature, a tripod turnstile will automatically open if there is a power outage. In case of a fire, the power can be turned off to enable free passage.

Application of Tripod Turnstiles

If there is a need for access control, tripod turnstiles can handle the job effectively. Most often, you can find them at bus and metro stations. They can be fitted with coin slots, barcode scanners, and card readers to ensure people pay for services.

Bi-directional turnstiles are common in that kind of setting. A person can exit freely but has to pay upon entry. Similarly, amusement parks can use them to make sure visitors have paid for the rides.

Finally, tripod turnstiles are great for crowd control since they allow only one person to pass at a time. Stadiums and arenas also use them to count visitors.

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