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Turnstile with multiple access control solutions.RFID, Fingerprint, QR barcode scanner, card collector, coin collector...
Full height turnstile with QR barcode scanner.Single door and double door.
Super fast and slim speed gates DS7000.Anti-crash mechanism, tempered glass, servo motor.

6 Advantages of Using DaoSafe Products

Since we’re a single product-focused company, we remain one of the best when it comes to turnstile manufacturing.

  • 1. Superb Quality

    Our multiple certificates make it impossible for us to cut corners and deliver low-quality products. Additionally, we exclusively use top-notch materials to ensure both quality and durability.

  • 2. Excellent Value

    Because we minimize our margins and focus on long-term, high-volume business partners, we are more affordable to first-time customers. And not just that — we can offer great deals to potential distributors.

  • 3. Brand Effect

    DaoSafe is at the top of the global turnstile manufacturing sector. In fact, we’re one of the top three turnstile manufacturers in China. We pride ourselves on our first-class quality and unprecedented warranty and maintenance.

  • 4. Easy to Install

    DaoSafe turnstiles arrive completely wired-up and assembled, which makes for an effortless installation. All in all, there is no need to call an electrician. In case you’re stuck, you can always contact us for help.

  • 5. Fast Production

    Our factory includes over 15,000 square meters of production and office space, with more than 300 employees. That enables us to produce over 20,000 products each year. In addition, the production takes only a couple of days.

  • 6. Customer Care

    Our sales staff consists of proficient individuals who have years of experience working with customers. Customer support is of the utmost importance here at DaoSafe. We do all we can to respond to your questions as soon as possible.

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