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FAQs for Company
  • What is DaoSafe?

    DaoSafe is one of the top three turnstile manufacturers in China, with over 15 years of experience in the field. All of our products are made in a giant factory that’s over 15,000 square meters in size.

  • Does DaoSafe have any certificates?

    Yes! DaoSafe owns multiple certificates, including ISO9001, CE, SASO, CO, CCVO, SONCAP, FTA certificates. Moreover, we test the quality and durability of all our products for 24 hours before we send them out.

  • How long is the warranty period?

    The warranty period lasts three years from the date of delivery, and it covers all products purchased from DaoSafe. Once the warranty expires, you’ll have lifetime maintenance, courtesy of DaoSafe.

  • How do you provide support all the way from China?

    In case you have an issue with any of our products, feel free to send us an email with a detailed description of the issue, along with pictures and videos. We also provide support via WhatsApp and video chat.Our experienced technical team will respond in the shortest amount of time possible and try their hardest to resolve your issue. We’ve been using this system for 15 years, and we haven’t had any complaints so far.

  • Which payment methods do you accept?

    We accept bank transfers (T/T), as well as PayPal, MoneyGram, and Western Union payments.

  • How much time does production take?

    It takes around three business days to complete a sample order, and around 7–10 days for a bulk order. However, you’ll also need to wait for it to arrive from China.

  • I placed my order — when can I expect it?

    Sea shipments take about 20 to 30 days to arrive at your nearest port, whereas air transport takes only about 2–5 days. ’Express’ shipping will take only about 3–5 days, and the shipment will be delivered to whatever address you provide. Additionally, you can opt for DDP sea shipping. It takes only about 10 to 15 days, and you’ll have the package delivered right to your address. Tax and customs clearance is included in the price.

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