DaoSafe full-height turnstiles provide the ultimate level of security for all kinds of applications. From stadiums and festival entrances all the way to prisons and construction sites, full-height turnstile gates are the most secure option.

There are three types of high security full-height turnstiles to choose from. You can go for single-door, double-door, or triple-door turnstiles. If you’re on a budget, we recommend double-door turnstiles. Additionally, you can use the doors in 90° four-section mode, as well as 120° three-section mode.

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Single QR Code Scanner Turnstile: Model DS401

  • Full height turnstile DS401 is designed to provide entry access control solutions in places that need high security, such as prison, st...

Double Barcode Scanner Turnstile(Good for Stadium): Model DS402

  • Full Height turnstile DS402 is the secure turnkey solutions for events that have high-security request, industrial enterprises, stadium...

Barcode Turnstile: Model DS403

  • Model DS403 is a secure entrance turnkey solution for both indoor and outdoor environment that requires high security, like transportat...

Single QR Code Reader Turnstile: Model DS401E

  • Model DS401E is an effective and high security full height solution to control access and for time attendance
  • The model is ...

Double QR Code Turnstile: Model DS402E

  • Model DS402E is an effective hardware and software full height turnstile solution for secure access control and for time attendance.

What Is a Full-Height Turnstile?

Full-height turnstile gates provide the highest level of security. They often span from the ceiling to the floor, so it would be difficult to bypass them. People can’t jump over or crawl under full-height turnstiles.

Also, they are effective in ensuring only one person passes through the gate at once. Rotating metal arms prevent more than one entry. After a person passes through the gate, the locking system will activate.

In most cases, full-height turnstiles allow only one-way entry. But, some models are bi-directional, so people can enter and exit through the same gate.

Full-height turnstile gates can work as a part of an integrated security system. But, they can also work as standalone gates. If the gate comes with an access control device, there is no need for security guards. Depending on the manufacturer, gates can come with scanners or readers. Still, the price can vary based on extra security features.

As an added bonus, these types of gates are easy to maintain and consume little electricity.

Types of Full-Height Turnstiles

There are two types of full-height turnstiles. Bi-directional turnstiles allow for two-way traffic since the barrier can rotate in either direction. In contrast, single directional turnstiles rotate in one direction, allowing only one-way traffic.

Also, full-height turnstiles can have more than one door. For example, a triple door turnstile is one gate with three separate entry points. This kind of gate is ideal for entry points that are limited in space. On the other hand, full-height tandem turnstiles are practical if there is a need for an entrance and an exit. They are ideal for indoor and outdoor settings.

Full-height turnstiles can work without security guards. But, you can operate them by hand in case of a power outage. As a safety measure, the gate will instantly open if there is no power.

These stainless steel gates are durable and reliable. They only need a power supply and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Another important feature of full-height turnstiles is the support for access control systems. They function well on their own, but you can make them a part of a unified security system. For additional protection, they can work with devices like biometric readers and fingerprint scanners.

A good turnstile manufacturer will include features that make the gate accessible for disabled people. Some models come with solutions for wheelchairs, bicycles, or large items. As for the price, it will depend on the number of doors and added features.

Application of Full-Height Turnstiles

Full-height turnstiles prove to be quite versatile in high-security situations. Governments use them to prevent access to restricted areas. Also, jails and prisons use them as an integral part of their security systems.

Stadiums and arenas use full-height turnstiles for crowd control. They are fantastic if one wants to make sure people are paying for public transport or rides at theme parks. Also, data centers use them to prevent access to restricted areas based on clearance.

In essence, if the situation calls for total access control, this type of gate will get the job done.

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