Our optical swing turnstile consists of swinging doors hinged to two sleek cabinets. Depending on your preferences and needs, we can make the doors in two different sizes (900 mm and 1800 mm) and from four different types of material.

The sizes enable wheelchair access. When it comes to the door materials, you can choose from glass, tempered glass, acrylic glass, or stainless steel.

Moreover, our optical swing turnstiles come equipped with infrared sensors. Therefore, they can also work as an alarm, anti-intrusion, and anti-trailing system to prevent unauthorized passage.

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Fuss-Free Pedestrian Turnstile: Model DS2000

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High-Security Swing Barrier Gate:Model DS210

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Best Swing Turnstile by Industry Leader: Model DS205

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One-of-a-Kind Swing Barrier:Model DS140

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What Is an Optical Swing Turnstile?

Office buildings often have optical swing turnstile gates because of their modern design. They blend in seamlessly with the corporate interior. Also, since they don’t have metal arms, they may appear less intrusive to visitors.

But, the design doesn’t compromise the effectiveness. An optical swing turnstile gate will work great in buildings that get a lot of visitors. About 40 to 45 people can pass through the gate in one minute.

The typical setup includes two cabinets on either side with barriers in the middle. The two cabinets are connected with infrared beams to ensure only one person goes through upon entry. The system can also detect tailgating. If more than one person tries to pass the gate at once, the locking system will disable further entry.

Also, this type of gate comes equipped with an alarm system. So, whenever the beams detect unauthorized access, they will trigger either a visual or an audible alarm.

You can easily integrate optical swing turnstiles with existing access control systems. They often come with card readers or barcode scanners. If people have to pay for entrance, some models have a coin slot or a ticket collector.

This type of turnstile can work in both indoor and outdoor settings. The stainless steel construction will not corrode in extreme environments. What’s more, it’s easy to maintain and cost-effective in the long run, which is why this type of gate is quite popular in corporate settings.

Types of Optical Swing Turnstiles

Most optical swing turnstiles come with similar features. But, one of the main differences is in the type of barrier.

Plexiglas or tempered glass barriers are common in corporate buildings. They give the gate a more stylish appeal that blends in well with the corporate interior. Also, support for access control devices is included.

On the flip side, some models come with stainless steel swing barriers. Those models often appear in stores. Stainless steel might not be as appealing as glass, but it gets the job done.

Some models also allow two-way traffic but don’t support access control devices. Instead, they have infrared sensors to allow for automatic opening and closing.

Also, there are two common setup methods for optical swing turnstiles. Two cabinets are suitable for narrow entrances that can handle only one gate. This setup allows one-way or two-way traffic.

A setup involving three cabinets is appropriate in situations when there is a need for two gates. The middle cabinet has two swing flaps — one on the left and one on the right. The side cabinets have one flap each.

In general, all cabinets come with support for access control devices. But, the cabinet that controls the exit might not have that feature because access control isn’t needed while exiting. Still, some models do include it.

Application of Optical Swing Turnstiles

Optical swing turnstiles have a wide range of practical uses. They are common in corporate buildings, and you will probably find them in lobbies and banks as well. Their modern design makes them appear more welcoming to visitors, especially if they have glass barriers.

Government buildings and data centers place optical swing turnstiles at low-security entry points. They can even appear at public transit stations or sports stadiums.

All in all, they are perfect alternatives if high-security gates are unnecessary.