How to Improve Check-Ins with High-Security Entrance Gates

January 10, 2020
Security Turnstile

Violence and security threats have been a major concern across the world. It has become imperative to employ robust safeguards to boost the security of people in public facilities.

Installation of turnstiles has been preferred when evaluating different options to improve security in public places. They are suitable for facilities like theme parks, museums, railway stations, airports, and commercial complexes.

Turnstiles are security entrance gates that can be defined as structures set in a gateway or an opening to allow the controlled passage of people.

Installing turnstiles in entry/exit points helps stringent control of access, thereby improving the overall security and ensuring the safety of people using them.

Let us know how turnstiles do this effectively.

1. Improved Control on Access

Turnstiles curb tailgating. They make it impossible for more than one person to enter a secured premise at a time. Turnstiles serve well as security entrance gates in places of public use like stadiums and theatres.

Furthermore, an important advantage of turnstiles is that they provide advanced access control to detect unauthorized entries. They control the passage of people with the help of biometric cards or passes.

Due to this streamlined approach, the number of footfalls decreases and provides sufficient time for security tracking management to identify troublemakers and take timely action.

2. Easy Integration with Existing Security Systems

More often than not, public establishments have an in-built security management system that includes access devices, alarm systems, cameras, and more. Installation of turnstiles enhances the existing security system by easily integrating with it.

They sync with pre-installed cameras and help identify individuals at the time of their entry and exit. This information helps identify and track potential threats, and block their entry into the facility in the future.

3. Takes Charge of Access and Authentication

Turnstiles are embedded with multiple readers that help authorize people as they enter secured premises. This feature eliminates the need for hiring dedicated security personnel to verify credentials, thereby saving cost and time in the long-term.

For example, waist-high or full height turnstiles can be installed at separate entry and exit points in public places to regulate the crowd. Turnstiles allow access only after appropriate authentication of the individual. This way, they help track and monitor every particular entry and exit thereby strengthening security to a great extent.

4. Helps Enforcing Payments Wherever Required

Turnstiles ensure legitimate entry through guaranteed payment enforcement in public places that mandate the purchase of tickets, like stadiums, clubs, and transport stations. Turnstiles unlock and allow only a single person at a time after they scan and detect a valid, paid-for ticket. They can also be set to move in one particular direction. This helps in controlling huge crowds and maintaining safety in the public facility.

5. ADA Adherence

The ADA is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in public life including in jobs, schools, and places of transportation.

A few types of turnstiles are ADA-compliant with a wide passageway that allows wheelchairs to pass through them. In other cases, security gates with ADA-compliant dimensions can be installed near the turnstile.

Turnstile gates help in providing optimal security to the public while treating disabled people with integrity.

Wrap Up

The above-mentioned points make it clear that turnstile gates offer high-end security and access control in public areas. They are reliable and work in unison with various security management technologies to identify and monitor people. Undoubtedly, installing turnstiles in high-traffic public places will contribute towards eliminating manual safety errors and strengthening security at crucial points.

Image Credit: Flickr / Automatic Systems