5 Undeniable Security Benefits of Using Turnstile Gates

July 31, 2019
Undeniable Security Benefits of Using Turnstile Gates

Whether small or big, every business needs a robust security system to protect critical assets. However, as much as most businesses take cybersecurity seriously, they often tend to take physical security for granted. Just like the computers and mobile phones in your office, all entrances and exit points also needs to be guarded 24/7.

Hiring security personnel to guard every single entrance and exit is not only expensive, but the security cover is also prone to human errors. You will need an efficient and economical alternative. This is where turnstile gates come in.

Here are 5 undeniable security benefits of using turnstile gates.

1. Enhanced Security

This may seem obvious, but turnstile gates offer better security compared to manually operated entrances and exits. You can pass through these gates only if you present the right credentials. Turnstile gates allow only one authorized person to enter or exit the premises at a time.

Thus, turnstile gates prevent a common security issue called tailgating, where an unauthorized person can gain unlawful entry by following behind an authorized person. A few high-end turnstile gates can also alarm the security personnel if more than one person passes through at a time.

Full height turnstile gates also act as a visual deterrent to potential burglaries. The sheer size of the gate is often enough to stop thieves and burglars in their tracks. Plus, turnstile gates can work round the clock without feeling sleepy and taking coffee or bathroom breaks. With appropriate security systems, these gates can also help track the activity of every individual entering and exiting your premises.

2. Superior Access Control

You can readily integrate turnstile gates into different security systems such as cameras, motion detectors, biometrics, proximity cards (RFID/NFC), and key cards, among others. These integrated barriers or doors offer superior access control compared to hired security personnel. Without the required credentials, a few types of turnstiles, like full height turnstiles, are virtually inaccessible.

As a result, most businesses tend to use these gates in high-security areas. For example, banks often use full height turnstiles in their volts. Other applications include prisons, military bases, airports, government facilities, and data centers.

3. Accurate Attendance Tracking

The superior access control provided by turnstile gates offers accurate attendance or movement tracking of your employees or authorized personnel on the premises. As these gates can self-verify credentials, you don’t have to rely on manual verification, which is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. Thus, your receptionist and security guards can focus on their respective primary responsibilities.

Using these gates, you can monitor vital analytics such as when and how many people enter and exit a particular facility, when your traffic peaks, and seasonal changes in the daily footfall, among other things. Many businesses including, amusement parks, corporate offices, subway stations, sports venues, bus terminals, parking lots, and government offices, often find this information useful for security and maintenance issues.

4. Operational Flexibility

Turnstile gates also offer operational flexibility. Usually, you can control almost every aspect of advanced turnstiles through a remote access system. For example, depending on your application, you can use a single or bi-directional turnstile gate. While a single direction gate will allow authorized personnel to either enter or exit a facility, a bi-directional gate can do both.

You can also change the access modes. While a free pass mode will allow anyone to pass through, controlled access will prevent unauthorized users from entering your facility. You can also keep a gate under lockdown, restricting entry for everyone, including authorized personnel. You can lock them down when your facility is closed.

5. Lower Cost

Although you will need to pay higher upfront costs, turnstile gates can help you save considerably in the long run. As these are autonomous access control systems, you can cut back on the number of on-site security personnel.

You can curtail your spending on future labor costs including, pension, health insurance, salary, and other facilities for your security staff. Plus, the enhanced security will reduce the damages and financial losses arising from possible theft and burglary. It will also help reduce your insurance premium.

Parting Words

As you can see, turnstile gates can offer a practical solution to the increasing need for robust physical security. They can provide you with enhanced security, superior access control, accurate attendance tracking, efficient payment execution, operational flexibility, and reduced security expenditure. Hopefully, after considering these 5 benefits, you will decide to fortify your facility with turnstile gates.