Managing Tripod Turnstiles in Emergency Situations

August 27, 2019

Tripod turnstiles are barriers that you can place anywhere to control entry. But, those barriers can pose problems in case of an emergency. If a fire breaks out in a building, tripod turnstiles can slow down exiting.

That’s why most modern tripod turnstiles have built-in safety features. Their main purpose is to unlock the metal arms to clear the way. In general, those safety features are simple, so anyone could activate them quickly.

Key Safety Features

If an emergency occurs, you’ll have to unlock the arms to allow for free passage. There are two possible ways of unblocking them — manual and automatic. But, some older models will only come with the manual option. More modern models come with both features, and one of them is a fail-safe.

Manual unblocking

Some tripod turnstile models come with key override functions. In most cases, a security officer would use a key to unlock the metal arms. That way, the turnstile would spin freely, allowing for a free flow of traffic.

But, that doesn’t resolve the barrier issue. The arms would spin freely but they would still create a barrier. To fix that problem, some models come with a drop-arm function.

In a typical setting, a security officer would detach the barrier arm and let it fall into a vertical position.

Automatic unblocking

Automatic unblocking works in a similar way to the manual method. The only difference — you can activate it remotely. This method doesn’t need a key or manual labor.

Some models come with a separate anti-panic device. Someone only needs to press a button to make the barrier arm fall in a vertical position. After the emergency is over, the bar can rise on its own by a push of a button.

Fire Alarm Integration

The unblocking method can be automated in case of an emergency. In other words, it doesn’t need to depend on human input.

You can simply integrate the turnstile with the fire alarm system. When someone activates the fire alarm, the barrier arm will fall and clear the way. This feature could be useful in public places, but not in high-level security buildings.

Power Supply Cut

Tripod turnstiles need a steady power supply to work properly. But, if there is a power outage, the turnstile will instantly unlock itself. That’s another safety feature that also works as a fail-safe.

So, if the turnstile experiences a software glitch, cutting the power will disable it and allow for free passage.

Testing Emergency Mode

Tripod turnstiles are tough, but you should test the emergency mode often. It’s wise to make sure everything is working the way it should before an emergency happens.

Testing your tripod turnstile should be a part of your fire strategy. For example, you can perform checks during a regular fire drill. Just be sure to follow the instructions in the manual. Check to see if the locking and unlocking system works properly after the test. Also, the arms should return to their regular position after you disable emergency mode. The same should happen when you restore the power supply.

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