5 Important Security Features That Come With Full-height Turnstiles

August 26, 2019

Full-height turnstiles provide the highest levels of security. That’s a given. But, why do most high-level security facilities use them after all? Here are the most important security features that you get with full-height turnstiles.

1. Total Barrier

Full-height turnstiles act as total barriers. For example, compare them with the traditional waist-high turnstiles. A person could simply jump over a waist-high turnstile or crawl under it.

But full-height turnstiles don’t have that “flaw.” That’s because they usually cover the entire width and height of the entry point. Most often, full-height turnstiles are about 7-feet height.

Also, you can install full-height turnstiles in outdoor settings, and they will have the same impact. Some outdoor models come with a metal roof. The roof will protect the electronics and prevent people from climbing over them. So, the only thing you would have to do is secure the surrounding area with a fence.

2. Durable Metal Construction

Full-height turnstiles are durable metal gates. In most cases, they are either made of aluminum or stainless steel. So, it would be hard to damage them with physical force. Also, they are resilient to harsh weather. But, some models are intended for indoor use only.

Also, rotating metal rods make it impossible for two people to even stand close to each other, let alone enter together. That design feature limits entry to only one person at a time and prevents tailgating.

3. Locking Mechanism

Every full-height turnstile comes with more than one locking mechanism. One of them prevents multiple entries by instantly locking the metal rods after a single passage. The other is effective in case of a security lockdown.

For example, if an unauthorized person enters a restricted area, the gate can lock to prevent exiting. So, the locking system can disable entry and exiting until the security issue is resolved.

For that reason, full-height turnstiles are common in jails and prisons. They can not only limit entry but also prevent people from leaving the building.

In case of an emergency, the locking mechanism can be disabled to allow for free passage.

4. Speed Control

Controlling the speed at which people pass through the gate is an important security feature. Full-height turnstiles give you the ability to set the speed of the rotating metal arms.

If you want to closely monitor each entry, you can lower the speed of the rotating arms. But, in case you want to speed up traffic and still limit entry to one person at a time, you can bring the speed up.

5. Access Control Devices

Full-height turnstiles often come with access control devices. RFID readers, barcode or fingerprint scanners are among the most popular. They limit access only to people with proper clearance.

So, access control devices eliminate the need for a security guard. They use software and databases to filter authorized people from those who are not.

Depending on the level of security, you can fit turnstiles with different access control devices. For example, ID scanners may be less secure than face or fingerprint scanners.

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